For Schools

If Tumblebus Allstars can secure an 8-week session (minimum) after being referred to a new school by a teacher, director, parent, or anybody who just happens to know a contact at that school, you will receive a referral fee of between 10-20% of the first-day receipts, depending on the number of enrollees.

For birthday parties

Tumblebus Allstars' birthday parties are (understandably) a big hit! In addition, a big yellow school bus with brightly colored stars all over it, parked in your driveway, attracts a lot of attention. So why not capitalize on your friends and neighbors inquiries?  

Any person who has booked a Tumblebus Allstars birthday party and refers us to a friend will receive $10 for each subsequent party that is booked as a result of their recommendation. Additionally, those newly booked parties will receive 10% off their full price when they mention who it was that referred them on their inquiry form.

However, just as with the school referral above, anybody who knows about Tumblebus Allstars can recommend us to a friend and receive that same $10 deal.