WHAT IS THE COST of a birthday party?

The base price is $250 for an hour visit and there is a surcharge of $5 per mile for every mile past 25 miles from the center of Auburn, MA. Mileage is based on a Google Maps search.

How many children can participate?

The short answer is 12-15.

The long answer is “that depends.” 15 is the maximum that can comfortably fit on the bus, however, if there are some rambunctious children in the group, you’ll probably want to limit it to 10-12. With that being said, I’ve done birthday parties of 20+ kids; and generally what happens is that there are usually some older kids who realize they’re too tall to do everything, and quickly leave the bus, usually followed by their siblings. So, things generally work themselves out naturally.

Additionally, I’ve done a couple of parties where there were around 30 kids, all between the ages of 2-6: The parents split them into two groups by age, with each group getting a half hour. Or, if you want everybody to get the full one-hour experience, you can always book Tumblebus Allstars for more than an hour.

What happens if, on the day of the party, you’re late?

I always strive to be on track to arrive 10-15 minutes early. However, because the equipment tends to move out of place during the drive, I will usually park nearby to reset everything so that the kids can come right on the bus when I arrive for real. That is generally right on time to five minutes early. If I find myself stuck in traffic or unable to otherwise be there on time, I will call to update you on the situation. If it is beyond five minutes after our start time and I have yet to call, please call me because something has gone horribly wrong. ;-)WHO ARE YOUR EMPLOYEES? 

Tumblebus Allstars is a family run operation. Currently, the bus is driven & operated and classes are taught by Nate. His wife Jenny, a former dance instructor, helps with administrative work, and there are plans to incorporate her dance skills for birthday parties in the future. Stay tuned for more on that!

WHAT IF I WANT an additional person SUPERVISING the participants?

We are equipped to supply additional employees, however there is a charge of $25/hour for each additional employee.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we will place a hold of 72 hours for the date and time of your child's party. A payment of half is due within that time, and the other half is due when Nate arrives for the party.

How do i book the tumblebus (or inquire further)?

Click the question. It's a link. :-)