Do schools send their teachers on to supervise?

Schools are encouraged to send their teacher on the bus with the children. Tumblebus Allstars' approach is, "the more the merrier." We always welcome teachers, directors, etc. to join us on the Tumblebus so that they can see what their students are experiencing. 


In the interest of keeping the Tumblebus clean, I require children to remove their shoes and put them in cubbies. Therefore, it is also required that the children are wearing a pair of socks when they enter the bus. If it is Tumblebus day and a student does not have socks, he or she will unfortunately not be able to participate.

How many children can participate at one time?

The normal number of participants is 10 - 15 at any one time, with 12 being the ideal number. I have had 15 children on the bus at once with no problems before, however, those are generally groups of 15 well behaved children. As teachers/directors/parents know, even one unruly child can throw a monkey wrench in how smoothly the class is run. Therefore, because the teachers/directors know the children better than I do, I usually leave it up to the school to decide where we fall within that 10 - 15 child range, but I may eventually suggest groupings to maximize the fun. 

do you do single/sporadic visits?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer: During the school year, the majority of my visits are to a group of schools that I visit weekly. Therefore, it's more difficult to fit in single-visit schools. However, I am always happy to try and work with any school to fit you in. Additionally, the pricing is a little bit different; more in line with birthday party pricing (not all policies apply). Please feel free to contact me or click here to fill out my inquiry form to get an exact quote. 

Are you CPR and First Aid certified?

Yes! As of May 6, 2017, Nate is CPR (with AED) and First Aid Certified for infants, toddlers, children, and adults.


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